Life Safety Systems
When it comes to choosing a Life Safety System Service provider,
FireQuest service is one of the best, most important and confident decisions you'll make.

Our highly skilled field workforce features thousands of industry-certified professionals who keep your systems operating reliably.

Services that are important to our customers feature:
Required testing and inspections, preventative maintenance agreements, 24/7 emergency services, monitoring, parts replacement and other areas that cover every life and property protection system in your building - including equipment installed by other manufacturers.

Custom services that meet your needs: We'll customize our services to meet your specific requirements, priorities and budget.


Following our service procedures, we will provide you with the documentation detailing the services provided at the time we provide the service, therefore saving valuable time from "waiting for your report.”


FireQuest is equally adept at designing and delivering life-safety systems in office towers, which share many of the same characteristics and requirements found in corporate campuses. Many buildings have now been upgraded to more advanced technology, such as networked addressable fire detection systems. FireQuest has extensive experience in office tower applications. By allowing FireQuest to work directly with you, you can substantially improve the life safety and communication at your facility – while at the same time granting you the time it takes to attract the clientele you need to grow.



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